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Qoria (Europe) is part of a global organisation providing student digital safety and wellbeing technology. We support 23 million children, 27,000 schools and 6 million parents - around the world.  

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Our story

Qoria’s Managing Director, Tim Levy, explains how it all began.

“I was deeply affected by the cyberbullying and subsequent suicide of my niece’s best friend. I couldn’t accept that my kids - anyone’s kids - could be living, learning and playing in a space that could be so inherently dangerous.

Within weeks my close friend Crispin Swan (a telco veteran like me) and I began talking. We brought in our other friends, Ben Trigger and Paul Robinson. We had one simple question:

Why can't we protect our children in their digital lives as well as we can in their home lives? 

Our vision began to emerge. A suite of technology solutions that could empower parents, schools and children to work together to close the gaps of siloed approaches to safety where schools, parents, and social and gaming platforms go their own way. Our children deserved better.

In 2015, Family Zone was born.

With this big vision, a recently launched consumer offering and no money, we took our company public. Family Zone was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange the following year. 

Since then, we have been incredibly lucky to be joined by some amazing businesses, trusted advisors and loyal investors, all of whom share our passion and commitment for tackling what is clearly one of the most pressing problems of the modern world. 

Where are we today?

Our growth has been both rapid and exhilarating. We’re now 500+ people working across 3 continents, looking after 27,000 schools, supporting 6 million parents and keeping 23 million children safer than they were before.

But in truth, we've only just begun.

We're now bringing our blended family together. Family Zone has now become Qoria. We're solidifying who we are. And led by our amazing people, we’re putting a bright and unapologetic spotlight on every corner of our business and our industry to ensure we are collectively grounded in a child wellbeing mindset and that we’re closing the gaps that children fall through, wherever and however they appear.

We're questioning. We're challenging. We’re giving it everything we’ve got to leave an enduring impact and to empower schools, parents and children to do the same. 

I am as passionate about this quest today as I was back then. I couldn’t be more proud of our founders or the leaders and teams we have today, reshaping our future and propelling us forward. There's so much more to do. And we're ready for it. 



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